March 9, 2010

From time to time staff at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) make a move to a new assignment at the Agency.  Within the past few weeks there were major staff changes in the MPCA’s Remediation Division.  Because of the number of changes in critical positions, parties involved with the cleanup of sites should be aware of these new assignments.  The following is an announcement of the staff changes that was issued by the MPCA:

“A new organizational structure for the MPCA Remediation Division is underway.  We needed to balance the supervisory workloads across the Division,” said Kathy Sather, Division Director. “Our new structure will also allow us to learn across programs and provide opportunities to work in more than one remediation program.”

Jeff Lewis will lead the Closed Landfill and Superfund Section, with Doug Day, Doug Wetzstein and Doug Beckwith as supervisors.  Steve Lee will manage the VIC and Emergency Response Section, with Hans Neve and Dorene Fier-Tucker as supervisors. Finally, Michael Kanner will head up the Petroleum Remediation Section, with Don Milless,Sandeep Burman and Barb Jackson as supervisors.

“Currently, our VIC workload has diminished because of the downturn in economic development, while we have increasing funding for petroleum cleanup,” said Sather. “This is a chance to get more petroleum cleanups done so we can free up resources for new priorities in the future.”

A telephone list for staff in the MPCA’s Remediation Division is found at:  At Hessian & McKasy, our environmental law attorneys work regularly with MPCA staff assigned to the Superfund, Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup and Petroleum Brownfields Programs.  Our attorneys assists our clients with projects involving the cleanup of contaminated sites.  Our lawyers who practice environmental law are familiar with state and federal environmental programs and requirements.  We counsel clients on all aspects of environmental law.  For more information on the professional services that we provide please visit:

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