Environmental issues arise for our clients in many ways. Many attorneys, who are in sole practice or who work in law firms without an environmental law practice, may face challenging environmental issues that they are unfamiliar with. Our clients may have a great deal at stake.

As attorneys, our professional oath requires us to provide competent and ethical representation to our clients. What do we do when our clients present issues with which we are unfamiliar or that we feel raise unique issues that are beyond our core areas of competence? How do we provide service to our clients under these circumstances?

One option for an attorney is to do the required background research, understand the context of the issue, complete any appropriate research of applicable law, statutes and regulations and do our best to respond. Another option may be to seek out an experienced attorney to assist with a consultation.

At Hessian & McKasy’s Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group, we are often asked by other lawyers to provide consultations. We are available for consultations with our peers, friends and fellow colleagues in the legal profession.

As with any new legal matter, we first need to complete a conflict check before we can proceed. We are available to provide a range of services to other attorneys.

We regularly consult on a range of environmental issues including:

  • Issues that relate to the environmental condition of real property;
  • Evaluation of potential legal claims related to environmental liability including cleanup, cost recovery and insurance matters that may be subject to litigation;
  • Environmental matters that arise in business transactions; and
  • Assistance in responding to federal, state or local inspections, notices, permits, requests for information or enforcement actions.

Once we receive background on a matter, we can help in a number of ways. We may be able to offer a quick consultation and can provide advice so that you can proceed. In many matters, we work as co-counsel with our attorney colleagues. In other cases, counsel prefer to refer a specific matter to the environmental attorneys at the Hessian & McKasy Firm’s Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group.

With any consultation, you can be assured that we will respect your relationship with your client. We are most pleased to provide assistance to your client while at the same time respecting your attorney/client relationship. We offer legal service packages to clients and attorneys. To learn more about our innovative and cost-effective offerings, please visit:https://www.enviroattorney.net/sample-price-list.php. We welcome your call and inquiry as to whether a consultation is the proper course of action for you and your client.

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