January 17, 2012  
Purchasers of commercial and industrial property need to be aware of potential environmental liability.  Careful and thorough review of environmental conditions of a property is the best means to limit exposure to liability.  Environmental concerns related to real estate are discussed in a January 17, 2012 Finance & Commerce article  entitled: "Legal Matters: Environmental Mess Needn’t Be a Legal Mess." a link to the article can be found at: 

The lawyers at the Hessian & McKasy Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group regularly advise clients involved with the purchase, sale and financing of all types of property including commercial and industrial property. We make recommendations as to the retention of environmental consultants, review Phase I reports and assess whether follow up testing may be required. We analyze liability concerns and provide opinions as to risk. When appropriate we seek liability assurances on behalf of our clients from state or federal authorities. For a consultation as to a specific property or situation, please free to contact us at 612-746-5754 or by emailing Joseph Maternowski at jmaternowski@hessianmckasy.com

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