At the Hessian & McKasy Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group we are available for consultations with clients. We have found that often clients want to talk through issues and get basic advice. In many cases, after an initial consultation, the client’s questions may be answered. In some cases, after a consultation the client seeks additional professional help.

Obtaining a professional consultation from the environmental lawyers in the Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group is simple. There a few straightforward steps to follow:

First, we need to complete a conflict check. This process verifies that our representation of you or your company does not conflict with any other matter we are handling as a law firm. We have full time staff dedicated to checking for conflicts together with a computerized system listing all clients, related and adverse parties. The conflict check process does not take too long to complete.

Second, once we clear all conflicts, we prepare a Consultation Agreement which states the terms of our representation and the scope of our legal services. We can send this to you by mail or e-mail. We ask all clients to sign the Consultation Agreement and pay a consultation fee, which may vary depending on the complexity of the matter, in advance of the consultation.

Third, you sign the Consultation Agreement and send it to our Firm together with your check. Next, we deposit your check into our Firm’s trust account. These monies are held in trust and applied to the invoice related to the consultation. It is our obligation to return any unused monies to you, the client. We may ask you to send us documents related to the consultation. We keep these materials in a confidential file.

Fourth, we set a time to meet in person. We can meet at Hessian & McKasy’s offices in Minneapolis or at a location that is convenient to you. If a face-to-face meeting is not practical, we can set a telephone conference call.

Finally, we are ready to proceed on your behalf. We review your situation and, as agreed, provide the consultation. In many cases, we can provide advice and guidance in less than an hour and the matter can be concluded. In other cases, you may agree that we need to spend additional time on the matter.

In many cases, further work is required. If you would like us to proceed further on your behalf, we are, of course, prepared to do that.

We hope this explanation of the Hessian & McKasy Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group’s professional consultation services is helpful to you. We look forward to being of assistance. We provide clients with legal services packages. To learn more, please see: For more information or begin the consultation process, please call one of our environmental lawyers at the Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group at 612-746-5754.

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