February 8, 2011

The February, 2011 edition of Twin Cities Business Magazine’s Special Focus Section features a story about law firms and lawyers who are finding innovative ways of reaching clients through blogs. The article, “The Blawgosphere,” features eight Minnesota attorneys who have been blogging on various subjects. A link to the story can be found at:http://www.tcbmag.com/industriestrends/law/133899p2.aspx. The EnviroAttorney.net blog is featured in the story at: http://www.tcbmag.com/industriestrends/law/133907p1.aspx.

Joe Maternowski, who has been blogging on environmental topics since 2007, stated: “It is an honor to be recognized by Twin Cities Business magazine. The blog is a great way to reach clients and discuss developments in the environmental law field. I especially like the interactive nature of our blog and the questions we have received to the “Ask an Environmental Attorney” feature.”

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