February 26, 2013   On February 12, 2013 environmental law attorney Joseph Maternowski was one of three leading lawyers practicing in the areas of environmental law, litigation and transactional law from around the country who was invited to participate in a webinar sponsored by Environmental Data Resources (EDR) on the emerging topic of vapor intrusion.  Vapor intrusion is a growing concern across the United States especially at sites where there were past releases of contaminants that have entered groundwater.  Pollutants disposed of years ago are still present around dry cleaning operations, gasoline stations and  manufacturing operations.

In the past, regulators focussed on cleaning up product and waste spills and remediating contaminated soil and groundwater.  Now there is growing concern with the potential for vapors to be seeping through soil and pooling under buildings. Vapors can enter structures through cracks in the floors, joints and other points of entry.  Health authorities have raised concerns about vapors especially in residential settings or places where the general public may be exposed.  Many environmental agencies are requiring assessments of soil vapor and, when elevated levels are found, corrections to structures to ensure that the people who live and work nearby are not exposed to dangerous levels of vapor.
Links to Joe Maternowski’s Powerpoint presentation and an informative “Question and Answer” piece with all participants can be found at the Articles tab above or at https://www.enviroattorney.net/articles.php under the headings “EDR Insight Vapor Intrusion and Environmental Liability February 2013.”
Joe Maternowski is an experienced environmental lawyer whose practice focusses on limiting environmental liability.  Joe is often involved in retaining environmental consultants on behalf of clients to assess environmental conditions on real property.  Joe has worked on environmental assessments across the country.  Joe reviews Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and assists in evaluating “recognized environmental conditions” and other environmental concerns.  Where appropriate, Joe works with clients to conduct Phase II assessments which involve testing of soil, groundwater, soil vapor and building materials such as lead based paint, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and asbestos continuing materials (ACM). When contamination is found or environmental concerns arise, Joe assesses risk, reviews reporting obligations and helps to resolve these matters.  Joe also provides advice as to the allocation of liability between purchasers and sellers.
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