February 5, 2009

For the past three years Joseph Maternowski has served on the Board of Directors of Eco Education, a nonprofit organization that seeks to expand educational opportunities for students in Minneapolis and St. Paul schools.

Eco Education staff assist teachers and students in elementary, junior high and high school classroom settings. Eco Education programming offers students many opportunities to get connected to the urban environment that surrounds them. In addition to classroom programming, Eco Education has a speakers bureau and an e-mentoring program. Joe Maternowski participates as a mentor in the e-mentoring program. http://www.ecoeducation.org/ecolog/?q=node/2

Eco Education’s Executive Director Kathy Kinzig passed away on December 17, 2008. Kathy was a wonderful person and an inspirational leader who was dedicated to promoting Eco Education’s mission of serving Twin Cities youth and expanding environmental education opportunities.

If you are interested learning more about Eco Education or if you would like to lend your financial support to this worthy organization, please see Eco Education’s website atwww.EcoEducation.org. Thanks for your support!

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