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The attorneys at Hessian & McKasy, P.A.'s Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group represent clients on environmental matters that arise in enforcdement proceedings, litigation, business and real estate transactions. Our lawyers have extensive experience advising companies who face EPA fines. We provide advice as to the process, respond to demands, assist in negotations and appear on behalf of clients in EPA proceedings. We practice in the areas of environmental, administrative, business and real estate law.

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Our experience includes the following areas:


Minnesota Settles PFC Case Against 3M

The State of Minnesota’s claims for natural resource damages (NRD) resulting from 3M’s past disposal of perfluorochemicals (PFCs) was settled on the eve of trial. 3M has agreed to pay $850 million. Settlement proceeds will be dedicated to addressing impaired water supplies, water sustainability projects and natural resource restoration projects in the East Metro are of the Minneapolis St. Paul area.

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Minnesota’s Case Against 3M Moves To Trial

The State of Minnesota’s lawsuit against 3M for natural resource damages gets underway in Minnesota on February 20, 2018. The State claims 3M knew PFCs were harmful and estimates damages at $5 billion. 3M denies the allegations and maintains that PFCs present no harm at the levels obwerved in Minnesota.

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