Joseph Maternowski, Chair
Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group

Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group

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Has the EPA conducted an inspection?
Are you facing an EPA penalty demand?
Do you have a claim related to polluted property?

The attorneys at Hessian & McKasy, P.A.’s Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group represent clients on environmental matters that arise in enforcement proceedings, litigation, business and real estate transactions. Our lawyers have extensive experience advising companies who face EPA fines. We provide advice as to the process, respond to demands, assist in negotiations and appear on behalf of clients in EPA proceedings. We practice in the areas of environmental, administrative, business and real estate law.

As law firm industry leaders and innovators we pride ourselves on developing practical, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

We offer risk assessment service packages to manufacturers and business owners, property owners, local units of government, banks and financial institutions, as well as individuals who may have legal issues or claims related to alleged environmental violations, contamination, property damage or cost recovery.

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Joseph Maternowski, Chair of Hessian & McKasy, P.A.’s Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group, and his colleagues provide a range of professional services.

If you are seeking legal representation, please contact: Joseph Maternowski at (612) 746-5754, or send your inquiry on the contact form provided here.

Hessian & McKasy’s attorneys counsel clients on business, litigation, real estate, environmental, telecommunications, and employment matters.